Thursday, 30 June 2011

Free DVD of Bible Commentary

Now you can also understand the bible! this is the mission of Bible Lessons International, a non profit Bible study ministry based in United States.To let people understand the Bible , they are giving away free DVD which contains the audio, video, written content  of nearly every passage in the Bible.

Along with this DVD you will get another Bonus CD which contains:
  1. More than 850 minutes of video
  2. More than 600 minutes of MP3 Audio
  3. Bible Interpretation seminar Textbook,240 pages in PDF format
Also on the CD you will find all written commentaries in many Indian languages: Hindi,Punjabi,Urdu,Bangla and many more.
So if you want to understand and interpret bible then order this free DVD of Bible commentary Now! This DVD is available internationally, and will be shipped to you by normal post 
Click here to order

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