Thursday, 30 June 2011

Free Sample of Britannia healthy start

Britannia Industries Ltd. earlier this year has launched Britannia Healthy Start,  a complete range of Ready-to-Cook Breakfast Mixes including Upmas, Pohas, Porridges and Oats that are healthy, delicious, and take just 5 minutes to cook! This is the only product range in its category that combines the natural nutrition of multi-grains, 100% real vegetables, pulses and nuts all in one pack. It gives your family a perfect meal to start the day – with a bowl full of health.

Some Key Features of Britannia Healthy Start:

  1. Balanced Meal – Each meal is prepared to include all the food groups and essentials to give you a healthy balanced meal.
  2. Wide Variety – a whole range of South India, North Indian and western breakfasts to satisfy your palate.
  3. Real Vegetables – Vegetables preserved with Nutri Freeze science to retain up to 95% of nutrition and taste.
  4. Flavour - Exciting mixes made from real spices.
  5. Special packaging – Each meal is prepared to include all the food groups and retain their goodness for a healthy balanced breakfast.

How to Get free sample of Britannia Healthy Start:

Britannia Healthy start is in the market for quite some time now but recently Britannia  started promotion on Facebook & Google.If you want to taste this new meal of the day than order free sample of "Britannia Healthy start" just by  CLICKING HERE  and filling up the form on the right side of the web page.
UPDATE as on 25th June'11 : The sampling is closed for the time being but still you can leave your details to receive updates from them.
Note:Please note that this freebie is valid for Mumbai User only and Britannia also have a upper limit of recieving free sample request in a if the today's quota gets over, don't worry try ordering again after 12.00 am

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