Thursday, 30 June 2011

Free Samples of P & G products

P & G is back again with lots of free product samples ,  this time samples of  Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Olay, Gilette, Pampers, Whisper & Duracells are up for grab. To get these  samples all you have to do is register yourself on their site and verify mobile number, once done  you are good to order product samples. On top of this they are also offering discounts on combos of these products as a part of P&G Utsav promotion. So go ahead and enjoy this offer. 

Procedure to get free samples:
  1. Click here to register free.
  2. Confirm Registration. 
  3. Login and Click on Free samples button.
In the whole process you need to Answer many Question. Below are the Questions With Answers.
here is question per brand and answer

1.  Ariel
  •  Q1. How many variants of Ariel are available in India?
  •  Q2. How much more stain removing power does Ariel have?
Answer- 5
  •  Q3. Which type of a washing machine do you have?
Give any answer
2. Pampers

  •  Q1. What should I look for in a good diaper like Pampers?
Answer-all the above
  •  Q2. How does good sleep help a baby?
Answer-all the above
  •  Q3. When do you use diapers for your baby?
Answer- all the time

3. Head & shoulder

  • Q1.What is the first step to Healthy Hair?
Answer-Healthy Scalp that's Dandruff Free

  • Q2.Why do you think H&S is World's #1 Anti-Dandruff shampoo?
Answer-All of the above
  • Q3.How often do you shampo your hair?
Answers: Any reply

4. Olay
  •  Q1.Which of the following are signs of skin ageing?
Answer-All of the above
  •  Q2.Olay Total Effects fights which of the following skin problems?
Answer-All of the above
  •  Q3.What problem you are currently facing with your skin?
Answer- any answer
5. Gillete
  • much cost the gillete tube?

  •  Q2. how much foam gel gillete give?
  •  Q3. how oftern you shave?
(6)Pantene pro

  •  Q1.Millions of women trust Pantene for effectively fighting which hair problem?
Answer- Effectively fight hairfall
  •  Q2.What does Pantene Pro-Vitamin formula do to your hair?
Answer- Fighting frizz, boosting volume and adding mositure for strength and smoothness.

  •  Q3.What is your hair quality?

7. Whisper
  •  Q1.What should you look for in a good sanitary pad like Whisper?
Answer-all the above
  •  Q2.Q. How does a good pad make a happy period?
Answer-all the above
  •  Q3.What all types of protection does Whisper Ultra offer you?
Answer-regular 10x cleaner dryer
8. Duracell
  • Q1.How much longer does Duracell last vs. ordinary zinc carbon batteries?
Answer.- Duracell is 10 times longer than ordinary zinc carbon batteries
  • Q2.What types of devices can you use Duracell batteries?
Answer:- All the above
  • Q3.Why is Duracell trusted everywhere?
Answer:- All the above

That's it. Go and
Stealify it. :)

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