Friday, 1 July 2011

After Google plus Get Gmail's New Interface.

Google  provided a sneak preview of a new and unique interface of Gmail after launching one of the biggest project. The changes will roll out gradually in the next few months "to allow plenty of time to understand and incorporate your feedback into the evolving design."

Team at Google realises this and that's why they have launched a new interface update to make Gmail look more beautiful and clutter free. Starting today you can get a preview of all new Gmail by changing your theme. The new interface uses the same color scheme from Google Maps, Google Calendar and Google Search, the same gray header and blue search button. Since Gmail has two search buttons, Google had to use labels to distinguish between the button that lets you search your message and the Google Search button. The interface is cleaner, since it uses a lot of white space to separate the different sections.

Here’s what one of the new themes currently looks like:

And in conversation view:

 Even if you don't enable the new themes, you'll still see some subtle design changes: many links are now buttons (navigation links, "Back to message list"), the "Refresh" button uses a familiar icon, the "More actions" button changed the label to "More" and Gmail's footer is much cleaner. These are just the first UI updates, so we'll see many other changes until "Preview" becomes the default theme.

Gmail is a complex application and it's difficult to simplify the interface and make it more consistent, especially when you consider the numerous Gmail Labs features and themes. "You can expect some updated themes that embody the same design principles but are better suited to working in a dark environment, use a different color palette, or include the illustrations that we know many of you love to see around your inbox

How to enable new interface of Gmail:
  1. Go to Mail Settings.
  2. Click on themes tab.
  3. You will get two new themes namely preview and preview(dense)
  4. You are done. Check your new and unique look of gmail :)

P.S. Like Gmail, Google Calendar is also getting a new look. You’ll see it automatically within the next few days so there’s no need to turn it on, and they’ll also continue to make improvements there in the coming months.

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