Thursday, 7 July 2011

Apple rumor round-up: iPhone 5 hard to make, wireless charging coming to iPhone 6

Another week, another slew of rumors about everyone’s favorite fruit-branded company. Let’s take a look at some of the more recent ones.

Apple takes charge with the iPhone 6

Apple has yet to release the iPhone 5, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from setting its sights on the iPhone 6. The latest rumor comes from the Wall Street Journal, which says that Apple is working on a new charging technology for the sixth generation iPhone. While some have jumped the gun and speculated that the iPhone 6 will come with some variation on wireless charging, BGR offers a more tempered hyphothesis: Inductive charging. The same technology that Palm dropped in the Pre, inductive charging allows a device to charge just by being placed on top of a specialty base. Coupled with Apple almost-certain move to wireless synching, it seems like the iPhone 6 will be almost entirely wireless.
Does it make sense? Sort of. While inductive charging isn’t particularly commonplace, the technology is far from new. That wouldn’t stop Apple from using the technology and branding it as something new, of course.

The iPhone 5 will be smaller and ligther. We swear!”

WSJ also reiterated previous rumors that Apple is working on a smaller, less expensive version of the iPhone. While there is no indication as to whether this is the same device as the iPhone 5, WSJ source says the phone will come with an edge-to-edge screen, marking the end to the iPhone’s beloved bezel.
But what do these changes mean for the iPhone’s manufacturers? A lot, according to sources, who say contractors like Hon Hai may have a harder time putting the next iPhone together. This, the sources say, may delay the release of the iPhone 5 further than it already has. In fact, the sources claim that Apple intended to drop the iPhone 5 this summer, but was forced to push the release back due to manufacturing issues.

The iPhone 5 is coming to Sprint

In case you missed our previous coverage of this rumor, some speculation is pointing to Apple adding Sprint to its stable of iPhone carrier. The move, which could happen as early as this year, would be inspired by Sprint’s status as the largest carrier to still offer unlimited data plans. How long that may last, however, is still unknown.

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