Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Free CDs and DVDs - Choose few or Select all.

Disc Makers are nation's leading independent CD and DVD manufacturer. Since 1946,  They offered superior products and services one customer at a time. Disc Makers has set the standard for independent CD and DVD manufacturing for musicians, businesspeople, and filmmakers for 65 years.
Now they are offering Free guides for anyone who want to use their products and services. They put together a ton of great information to make the manufacturing process as easy as possible for us.

Free Guides includes: 

  1. Free Catlogs
  2. Free PDF Guides
  3. Free CDs 
  4. Free DVDs

You can choose from 4 catalogs, 5 Free guides, 7 Free Pdf Resourse, 4 Cds and DVDs.

How to get this freebie?
  1. Go to
  2. Select from shown list.
  3. Fill your shipping address and get it for free.

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