Monday, 4 July 2011

Google+ now open to all: no need for those invites

Launched five days ago, Google+ has quickly gained popularity amongst netizens, but access to the networking service was limited to invites only. Seeing the clamour for invites that exploded around the web and Twitter, Google seems to have gained some confidence about it, and listened to the masses - for it seems like it has (rather quickly) opened up the doors to Google+ to everyone.

Requiring just a Google account, it is possible to now sign up for the Google+ service - just navigate here, to its homepage. Note however, not everyone can see the above Sign In button when they visit the page, and might just see a 'Keep me posted' link instead. This may be an IP related issue.

Update: Seeing the problems our users are facing, it is evident the service is still running at limited capacity, with reports of a "We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon" message. We hope for those eager that Google just opens it completely as fast as they can add more servers to cater to the growing + madness.Workarounds: If you aren't able to get access via the above Sign In page (try navigating to it using the Chrome browser), there are other methods being circulated around the web, with varying degrees of success. Try directly visiting your Google+ profile (when signed into a Google account), by clicking this link. You can also download the Google+ Chrome app, whilst using the Google Chrome browser, here, and open it in a new tab. As one of readers pointed out, you can also try using a different VPN, based out of other territories, to access the Sign In page.Let us know if you get access, if you are enjoying the service, if you feel it is better than Facebook, or anything else about Google+, in the comments section below. For now, Google is still calling the service 'the Google+ project', implying that it is still in its early stages. Expect numerous changes and improvements in the coming months.

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