Saturday, 2 July 2011

Google Plus Tips and Shortcuts.

Just started using Google Plus and figured it would be useful to put all of the shortcuts I have found thus far. Please add any additional tips you discover in the comments.


  1. You have to click on the “Chat with people on Google+” link to enable chat within Google+ but then you get IM functionality.
  2. When chatting to people you can drag the top of the chatting box to resize the chatting window
  3. Go start a chat on Google Talk on your phone. Then go over to Google+. The conversation is all there.


  1. Delete a circle to see a fun animation of the old circle rolling off screen. Create a circle just to delete it.
  2. Delete a member of a circle by pointing to their image in the circle, clicking on them and dragging them out
  3. Add multiple people to a circle by going to the Circles page, clicking on them in top section in sequence – they will highlight in blue – then dragging the last one to one of your circles. They will all get dragged along.


  1. Developers interested in the Google Plus API can sign up for the Google Plus Developer Group


  1. Use Google translate’s nifty “Listen” feature to communicate with people speaking other languages in Hangouts.


  1. The more you comment and connect on Google Plus, the more email you will get in your inbox. To adjust email notifications in Google Plus you need to go to your Google Account Settings page by hovering over your profile pic in the top nav and clicking on “Account Settings”. Click on the Google+ link in the lefthand nav of the Account Overview. You can also now click on the gear icon in the top nav which I don’t think was there before.
  2. Check your SPAM box for notifications. I am on Yahoo Mail and it seems like it has a heavy bias towards marking G+ notifications as SPAM. (Well-played Carole)


  1. In your stream, “Incoming” means “other people who are sharing with me” — people who aren’t yet in your circles. You can browse through it to see people who have added you.


  1. Go to double click on user badge and you will get the “Invite people to join you on Google+” dialog. Here you can send (not working yet) invitations for Google+ to your friends.
  2. Double click on a user in Circles to open an invite dialog
  3. Invite anybody to Google+ using his @gmail, write post and share it with just that person. If you do it, invite should be sent.


  1. j: In the stream, you can click ‘j’ to navigate down to the next item
  2. k: Navigate up.
  3. @ or +: mention someone in a post
  4. q: While on the Home tab, press twice the q letter on the keyboard to search and add people to your chat list.
  5. Tab: Scrolls through comments/users on a post
  6. Enter – Hitting Enter when focused on a Post opens up the comment box.
  7. Tab+Enter: Post comment


  1. “Chips” – The Stream filters in the left-hand nav


  1. The mobile app has two features of “surpassing awesomeness”: Huddles and Instant Upload. Huddles are everything that messaging was supposed to be but never was — group of people, persistent conversations so you can keep chatting with people, a hell of a lot faster delivery than SMS, etc. Instant upload means that you will never have photos stranded on your phone again.
  2. Disable auto uploads from your mobile device if you are using the Google+ mobile app. – You don’t want your own personal Weinergate.


  1. “Notifications” gives you the same sort of stuff that you can see in the notifications menu in the top right. (The one that turns bright red when you have an update — not yet available in all countries) Who’s added you, when you’ve been mentioned in a post or tagged in a photo, etc.
  2. Bolded names in the Notifications drop down are the ones which are new since the last time you were notified about this post.


  1. Mousing over someone’s profile name spawns a popup layer that shows a bigger profile photo and let’s you add them to a circle without visiting their profile page
  2. On a picture page in the Gallery. “Actions” Button > “Edit photo” You’ll find several filters to use on your Picture
  3. Clicking a timestamp takes you to the permalinked post
  4. You can click on profile pictures to rotate through them.


  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the thumbnail and you will see a list of every peep that commented in that subject.
  2. It’s critical to use ‘Mute’ actively to shut down posts you don’t want to comment on, otherwise they’ll keep coming back like a cheap burrito. Once you follow a bunch of people, being an active muter is the only way to see the ‘rest’ of your stream.


  1. If you’re sharing a post with a small circle of people, you can prevent resharing. Click the arrow at the top-right of the post and choose “Disable reshare.”
  2. You can’t share Limited posts publicly. (You can still share Limited posts with other individuals and circles.)
  3. Clicking on Limited next to the timestamp to find out exactly with whom you would be sharing your comments.
  4. You can add a single individual to the recipient list in the share box, as well as Circles.
  5. If you want to send a private message to someone, just create a normal post and share it only with them in the “sharing targets” section. Bam! Instant one-on-one conversation! (G+’s version of Twitter DM)
  6. If you want to make a post publicly visible but aim it specifically at someone, share it with them and also with Public (or also with your circles, etc)
  7. If you type +<name> or @<name>, it shares the post directly with them, just like if you added their name in the sharing targets. You can also do this in a comment, to pull someone else into the conversation.
  8. Want to see who can see a post? Next to the dateline at the top of a post, you’ll see something like “Public” or “Limited.” “Limited” is a link — click on it to see who has access.
  9. At the top right of each post, there’s a little circle-and-triangle menu. For your own posts, this menu lets you edit or delete the post, or disable commenting or resharing. For other people’s posts, it lets you link to the post, mute it, block the person completely, or report abuse.
  10. If you can’t figure out how to set your share to “Public” try deleting the blue “Your Circles” box below the post box and then click on “+add circles or people to share with…” to get the options in a drop down. (THIS TOOK ME FOREVER TO FIGURE OUT)
  11. You can edit your posts. If you screw up and make a typo or post something you might regret later, you can edit your post by clicking on the down arrow in the upper right corner of the post box.
  12. If you make a post “Public”, nobody ever gets mailed.
  13. If you make a post aimed at your “Friends” circle, people in that circle who aren’t yet in Google+ get mailed.
  14. After you add a circle in the ‘share’ dialog, hover over it and an option will appear to ‘notify about this post’. That helps you control whether people get mailed.
  15. You can share your G+ posts to Twitter and Facebook with this Google Chrome Extension.


  1. “Sparks” lets you get cool content relevant to your interests. Random side note: While debugging the system, Google often used “Chocolate Cake” as a test interest. It turned out to be a really distracting interest.
  2. In sparks, the pipe does an “or” search (haven’t been able to get this to work)


  1. *bold*
  2. _italics_
  3. -strike-through-

Please share your valuable comments and also share new tricks and tweaks.

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