Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Like Facebook and Twitter, Get Short URL for Google Plus

At present the Google+ profile URLs are awful – both bad looking and impossible to remember.Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google+ doesn’t offer vanity URLs for user profiles, making it more difficult to share your Google+ Profile with your friends. Instead, Google uses a long string of numbers to denote users (e.g.117691391504351333685).

 The reason Google+ doesn’t use vanity URLs is because those could lead to spammers figuring out the email addresses of millions of Google+ users (since many Google Accounts are linked to Gmail accounts).
Of course, this leads to a problem: you don’t want to be telling people to type in a long string of numbers to find your Google+ Profile. That’s where comes in. This simple little app lets you create a short URL for your Google+ page, making it easy to share with your friends. For example is which is much easier to remember than a random strong of numbers. fills a gap that Google+ doesn’t currently address.

To get your Google+ Short and customize URL
Simply click on your name in Google+ to load the URL in your browser, then copy the long string of numbers from the profile URL, paste them into the Google Plus Nick web app, select your username that is three to 25 characters long (with no numbers or special characters) and click “add” to generate your new vanity URL.
We suggest reserving your own name, brand, or something short and easy to remember, as the whole point of the vanity URL is not only branding but to shorten a URL to make it easier to share.
Whats you short URL? Share with us.

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