Monday, 11 July 2011

Mediabase Software Worth Rs 900 for FREE

MediaBase is a database application that manages your personal media collections including books, movies, music, videogames and software in an easy-to-use all-in-one environment on your PC.
What MediBase can do for me?

  • Integrated loan management keeps track of all your items
  • Detailed and printable statistics give you a detailed overview of all your collections
  • User interface available in English, German and Russian
  • Just enter titles to auto-download movie details & cover art from your favorite sources 

How to get this for free?

  1. Click here to go to deal page
  2. Click on Download to download this software for free.
MRP: $21 You get : $0
NOTE: This deal is valid only till 12 July '2011 12:30 PM

If you want to read more about this Software then see below or else dont waste time and download your free product :-)

Navigating through the database  

  • Navigate through your Book-, Movie-, Game-, Music- and Software-inventory with one simple application
  • Sort by Title, Release Date, Genre, and much more
  • Just one double-click to see all the information right away
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  • Use the statistics dialog to view detailed charts about your collection
  • Various statistics about each type of inventory
  • The well-arranged colored legend helps you analyzing your collections

Automated Websearch

  • MediaBase has interfaces to all important datasources from the web
  • Why typing information by hand, if the web already knows everything you need?
  • Automated download of meta-information and covers
  • The search is fast, reliable and easy to handle
  • Sources: Amazon, MusicBrainz, OFDB, FreeDB, Google and more

Export in different formats

  • Get your collections as a plain text file
  • Export your data as HTML for internet usage
  • Various HTML-Templates already included
  • Be creative: Write your own templates
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Trailer for movies and games

  • Use the unique integration for YouTube and search trailers online
  • View the trailer directly in your MediaBase application
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Migration of foreign databases

  • You are already using a different product and don't want to start all over again?
  • MediaBase supports the migration of third-party databases
  • Your product isn't included in the migration yet? Why not using the import in combination with the batch websearch?
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Data fields

  • Save information regarding all your media in the database
  • MediaBase allows you to browse through your collections and store almost every information
  • You decide which fields to use and which not
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Printing collections

  • Print your collections in different styles
  • Limit the printed entries by using the search function
  • With the right printing drivers you are also able to create PDF- and XPS-Files

Import functionality

  • Import your existing lists from Excel or different Textfiles
  • Support for different text codecs
  • Separators for columns and lines are free configurable
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Rental overview

  • Manage all your friends in MediaBase
  • Who borrowed my book? Where is that movie? - MediaBase knows all the answers
  • Comfortable overview about loaned items
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Sorting and searching in the database

  • Lots of search categories, that prompt an on the fly refresh
  • Sort your entries ascending or descending by title, author, year and more
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Visual Movie- and Gameratings

  • Include the child-welfare ratings visually in your media entries
  • MediaBase supports almost every rating system around the globe
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Unique SocialConnect

  • Proudly present your collections to your friends in Facebook or VKontakte
  • Comfortable sorting and searching also featured in the social network applications
  • Upload only those connections, you would like to share with your friends
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  • 3 different Visualizations
  • Extensive customization possibilities
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