Sunday, 7 August 2011

Be Fast And Grab Free Clothing Everyday At 12:30 PM

DailyShop is a recently launched online shopping portal which is trying something totally new to increase its visibility, they are running a unique promotional campaign where they offer free cloths and accessories to users around the world (including India).All the charges including shipping will be borne by DailyShop only.

How To Get Free Stuff Daily At 12:30 PM?

Everyday a new product will be available for grab free of cost at DailyShop home page.Normally when you visit DailyShop ,you will see offer page in three formats (see the images below), you need to press "Grab it Now" Button when it turn to red.:
  1. If offer page looks like image below then it means grabbing hasn’t started yet and freebie’s coming soon.
  2. If you are seeing something like image below on offer page then it means grabbing started. Button is clickable and you are able to submit your order . 
  3. If offer page is like an image below then it means today’s Offer is over. You are unable to grab, so look forward to the next day’s freebie.
This website is getting popular day by day so chances are many users simultaneously access and try this giveaway at 12.30 PM(IST), so trick lies in how fast you are in grabbing this freebie.To submit your order faster, register first before grabbing starts and keep refreshing offer page.
As per their Facebook page many Indian users have already won free products from this website , So try your luck and be the next winner.

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