Friday, 12 August 2011

Get free physical badges from eBay India

eBay India is celebrating 1 Million fans. So to celebrate they are giving away physical badge to every fan. Wanna know how to get that? Read it.

How to get this for free?

  1. Click here to go facebook page.
  2. Like the page if you haven't
  3. Now click here to go form page to fill.
  4. After filling your details and submitting just wait for few days :-)
  5. They will deliver 2 physical badge at your doorstep.

We’ll send each one of you 2 badges for free.Don’t get too greedy now! ;)
Fill in the form only once! Even if you do fill multiple forms, they’ll send you only 2 :(
Allow us a couple of weeks to have your badges shipped across.
Please ensure you fill in accurate Pin Code and contact details. You wouldn’t want your badge to get shipped to someone else, right?

Stealify it guys! :-)

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