Friday, 21 October 2011

10 Best Sports Games for iPhone

This classic plays just like it did in the arcade and on the consoles. The game has two-on-two, fast-paced basketball action with gravity-defying dunks and players who literally catch on fire when they excel.
In addition to classic players, you can also unlock unorthodox ballers, like current politicians. Multiplayer between two iOS devices is also available.
[iPad Download Link]

This is a somewhat unusual golf game. From its 2D side-on perspective, the courses hardly resemble anything in reality. The game somewhat resembles physics puzzlers, but still plays like golf, with power-ups to alter the environment, stick to walls and hit the ball really far.
In the game's online multiplayer mode, it becomes not about the number of strokes, but getting into the hole first. With plenty of courses, the game won't get old.

This game features very little actual baseball action. Players manage an entire team at their chosen level. Want to order a team around pitch-by-pitch? That’s possible. Want to just manage the personnel weeks at a time? Go for it.
Don’t let the lack of live action dissuade you; it’s as engrossing and addictive as any traditional baseball game.

Like a lot of sports? This game has eight variations of sports, from soccer to bowling.
The games resemble table versions, rather than realistic sport versions. However, they're still more involved than something like foosball or air hockey. The games feature tournaments and various unlockables, and have same-device multiplayer in the universal iPad version.
[Universal Download Link]

This is a serious soccer simulation that can stand up with its console brethren. A full 11-on-11 soccer game, the touchscreen can be utilized with virtual buttons for maximum control.
The daily challenge mode poses various situations, from making set pieces to winning entire games with a specific team.
The iPad version's multiplayer allows two players with iPhones or iPod touches to direct play on the iPad screen.
[iPad Download Link]

Soccer is most fun when the player can score goals (sorry, 0-0 matches will never be exciting).
This game is all about the set pieces, and trying to sneak balls past the goalie. The flick mechanic is very easy to use, and makes the game much more fun to play than the average soccer match.
[iPad Download Link]

Who would have thought that drawing and golf would make a good match? The course becomes obscured as you prepare your shot, then you must try to draw around obstacles to get as close to the hole as possible. Online multiplayer is also available.

Tired of the NFL being the No Fun League? Then check out this game, where players control a ball carrier who's dodging tacklers on the way to the end zone.
When all tacklers are evaded, players can gloat for bonus points, although those tacklers have the tendency to get back up and try to take down the player again.
[iPad Download Link]

Possibly the most famous sports franchise of all time is available on iOS, and it plays a better game of football than most handheld games. Full playbooks, season modes and multiplayer are all here.
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This game tests reflexes and accuracy as players try to hit pop-up targets and move around the playing field. Players level-up and increase their base scores the more they play, enabling long-term players for higher scores.
Accessories that increase abilities and power-ups are also available. Players have access to cool add-ons like giant bear heads and (ironically) soccer balls.
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