Wednesday, 5 October 2011 Mega Diwali offer - Get Assured Free Gifts just now launched a Mega Diwali offer where everyone who shops with eBay gets a assured gifts. Gifts are ASUS 101H Laptop, Reliance 3G Tablet , Samsung22C350 LCD etc. Gifts depends upon what you purchase. Whole offer is quite simple. Please read below and enjoy this Awesome deal.

  1. Shop for anything from Paisapay(eBay)
  2. Use the Code generator(Check below pic) to get unique code for each purchase.
  3. Accumulate Your purchase till 26th october
  4. Be eligible for free gifts once you cross Rs 5000
  5. Go Back to ebay between 27th october and 10th November to claim gift of your choice.

  1. Use only one eBay ID to purchase.
  2. Enter the unique code each time while paying.
  3. Add up your purchases so that you can claim BIGGER and BETTER.
  4. Claim your gift within 14 Days after the promotion end date.

1.  Purchase Adding upto Rs 5000 to Rs 9999

Choose From : 1. Sandisk 8GB pendrive
                        2. Philips Headphone I9000
                        3. Donate.
2. Purchase Adding upto Rs 10000 to Rs 19999

Choose From : 1. Jabra Bluetooth 2450
                        2. Micromax Q1
                        3. Donate

3. Purchase Adding upto Rs 20000 to Rs 29999

Choose From : 1. Micromax X222 Touch
                        2. WD 500GB HD Portable
                        3. Donate

4. Purchase Adding upto Rs 30000 to Rs 39999

Choose From : 1. Kodak M200 Digicam
                        2. Trancend 1 TB Portable 2.5
                        3. Donate

5. Purchase Adding upto Rs 50000 to Rs 99999

Choose From : 1. Sony Blu-ray DVD
                        2. Nokia C5
                        3. Donate

6. Purchase Adding upto Rs 100000 above

Choose From : 1. ASUS 101H Netbook
                        2. Reliance 3G Tab
                        3. Samsung 22C350 LCD

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