Tuesday, 4 October 2011

LEAKED: iPhone 4S Pics Appear on Apple’s Website

The first images of the iPhone 4S have apparently leaked directly from Apple’s website.

By playing with the URLs on the company’s website,9to5mac was able to pull up an image of what appears to be the next-generation iPhone. The devices (black and white) look remarkably similar to the iPhone 4. One notable change is the repositioning of the proximity sensor on the black iPhone 4S, which now matches its location on the white iPhone 4.
Need more proof that Apple’s next iPhone allegedly dubbed the iPhone 4S will sport the same design as the current-generation iPhone 4? Well, a pair of images just appeared on Apple’s website, representing the black and white iPhone 4S models. The Newsstand app icon on the homescreen gives away that the devices run iOS 5. Notice a gap in the upper right corner of the stainless steel band, just like on the CDMA iPhone 4?
This could easily signify that the iPhone 4S in fact is a dual-mode handset which runs on both GSM and CDMA networks, as rumored. Need even more proof that this is legit? Just change the URLs by removing the ‘s’ after the ‘iphone4′ part of the URL and you’ll get the old images, shown below (old images: blackwhite).

There are also a few new apps on the iPhone 4S, including a “Newsstand” app, a “Videos” app and a “Music” app, which replaces the “iPod” app.
We’re at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. for the unveiling of the new iPhone. Check out our liveblog for the latest news from today’s Apple event.

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