Monday, 26 December 2011

Apple iTunes 12 Days of Christmas App Offers Free iPhone Downloads[Day 2] Updated.

Apple launched its 12 Days of Christmas App Monday, which lets you fill your new device with music, videos, apps and books for free.
This is the third year that Apple have run the event. The past two years have seen some mixed content released, as Word Magazine points out, such as single TV shows, movies, music videos and tracks, mainly samples for complete sets. Not everything made available will appeal to everybody, but there is likely to be something of interest for the typical consumer. Last year’s giveaways included the game ‘Let’s Golf’, an episode of Doctor Who, and a Snow Patrol song.
For those who do not want to log into iTunes each day and have an Apple device, then Apple has also made a special 12 Days of Christmas app to support the offering and make it easier to find them. The application includes push notifications to alert you as to when a new freebie is available for download and is available for customers in the UK and other select European countries.

Remember: Each of the downloads will only be available for 24 hours, so make sure to move fast to take advantage of these deals.
Promotion Period: 26th December to 6th January 
26th December : Free Coldplay Music Album for download.
27th December : Free Top Gear and The Trip for download
28th December : Kelly Clarkson’s new single, Mr. Know It All

Check back each day to see what else you can add to your new iPad.

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