Friday, 9 December 2011 Electronics Winter Carnival - Get assured Gift (50% back)

Check out Yebhi's amazing Winter Carnival! Buy any electronic product at great prices and earn 50% back in form of assured gifts!!

How this Deal works?
Lets take an Example to understand this deal.
Suppose you purchase a Product of Rs 2000 , You will get a promo code of Rs 1000 which is valid on minimum purchase of Rs 2000.
Terms and Conditions
  • Assured gift will be sent along the product. If out of Stock Similar product will replace.
  • 50% Back will be sent in form of promotional code and will be sent via email after 20th January . 
  • This scheme is valid till 14th of January 2011.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About this deal:

Here you go the details of this offer…
Q1. Tell me the electronic items on which this deal does not apply?
A1. Assured gift is with every item in the electronics category. 50% back is applicable on all purchases above Rs. 1000/-.

Q2. What is the assured gift will I get or what is value ( approximate) of the same?
A2. Promo codes will be of 50% value of the purchase, rounded of to the nearest Rs. 500/- . PC will be given in multiples of Rs. 500/-

Q3. How many promocodes will be issued to me which makes value of 50% cash back? For example, If I shop for 10,000 INR ,as you said I will get a Promocode of 5000 INR.
A3. You will get 10 promo codes of Rs. 500/- each

Q4. So here, will I get one promocode of 5000 INR denomination or multiple vouchers of multiple denominations?
A4. You will get single denomination vouchers of Rs. 500/- each.

Q5. What is minimum redeemable amount on which I can apply the given 50% cash back promocode? For example, if I shop for 10,000 INR ,I will be given a promocode of 5,000 INR.
A5. Yes. But, you will have to shop 4 times the value of these promo codes to redeem. For eg., A Rs. 500/- promo code will be redeemable on a purchase of Rs. 2000/- All promo codes will be issued by 20th January 2012

Q6.To redeem this 5000/- INR promocode what is minimum amount I have to shop with you?
A6. It will be mentioned in the promo codes. Every Promo code entitles a minimum 25% discount on future purchases. For eg., to redeem a promo code of Rs. 500/-, you are required to purchase products worth min. Rs. 2000/-

Q7. By using the given 50% cash back promocode, Can I shop any of the item you listed on your website after you issue the promo code.( I can understand that coupon will be issued after 20th Jan) –
A7. Yes, you can shop anything on the products listed on the website, except electronics and jewellery. If the promo codes are not valid on any specific brands it will be notified to you on the vouchers.

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