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If Google’s Management Doesn’t Use Google+, Then Why Should You?

One of the most important rules in software is to eat your own dog food. The concept is simple: If you have confidence in your product, you use it.

Perhaps somebody should tell that to Google’s senior management, because the people in it are not eating their own dog food when it comes to Google+.
During the madness that was the launch of the iPhone 4S, we stumbled across an interesting post by Michael DeGusta. DeGusta decided to analyze how often Google’s senior management uses Google+. He counted how many times the company’s senior management, SVPs and board members have publicly posted on Google+.
The results aren’t pretty. Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have posted publicly on Google+ 22 times. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt doesn’t even have a Google+ account, nothing short of an embarrassment when company bonuses are tied to social media success.
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The rest of Google’s senior management isn’t any better. Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora has never posted on Google+ and Chief Legal Officer David C. Drummond doesn’t even have an account. CFO Patrick Pichette, to his credit, has posted several times publicly.
When you get to Google’s six SVPs, the story doesn’t change much. SVP of Video Salar Kamangar and SVP of Search Alan Eustace have never publicly posted. SVP of Ads Susan Wojcicki has publicly posted once and SVP of Mobile Andy Rubin has posted eight times (neither have posted since August). The only two people on Google’s management team I’d consider “active” are SVP of Chrome Sundar Pichai (58 posts) and SVP of Social Vic Gundotra (150+ posts).
Here’s another shocker: Not one of Google’s six independent board members have ever posted publicly on Google+.

Leading By Example

Let’s start out with addressing a few caveats. First, these senior Googlers could be posting a ton privately and we simply don’t know it. But it’s more likely that their lack of public engagement is indicative of their lack of engagement overall. This is especially true of Google’s management, which has an incentive to promote Google+ publicly.

The Raw Data

Here’s the full table of public posts since the beginning of Google+. Note that I’m counting a photo album as 1 sharing event and also that Vic Gundora’s posts page seems to fail if you try to go back past mid-July, hence the data gap there.
Larry Page213107
Eric SchmidtNot on Google+.0
Sergey Brin0933015
Nikesh AroraNo posts ever.0
David C. DrummondNot on Google+.0
Patrick Pichette032207
L. John DoerrNo posts ever.0
John L. HennessyNo posts ever.0
Ann MatherNot on Google+.0
Paul S. OtelliniNo posts ever.0
K. Ram ShriramNo posts ever.0
Shirley M. TilghmanNo posts ever.0
Alan EustaceNo posts ever.0
Vic GundotraUnk30+45578150+
Salar KamangarNo posts ever.0
Sundar Pichai0162017558
Andy Rubin071008
Susan Wojcicki001001
You could also argue that the SVP of search or ads shouldn’t be expected to be heavily engaged on Google+, but given the fact that Google intends to integrate Google+ into everything it does, I don’t buy that argument either. When Google+ first launched, Gundotra told me personally that Google+ is an extension of Google itself, thus why the company chose the name.
It doesn’t matter how you slice it: If Google’s management truly believed in Google+ as the future of the company, they would be more engaged. Not being connected to a product that has such a direct correlation to the company’s future is dangerous. This is about leading by example. Why should Google employees be excited about Google+ if their managers aren’t excited?
The same rule applies to Google+’s million of users. The social network has more than 43 million users now and is being heavily promoted by Google. But if its creators aren’t interested enough in staying active, what’s to say its users won’t get bored just as fast?
Google’s management is a busy group, but having only three members of its management team post more than 10 times sends a terrible message. It makes people question the commitment Google has to social.
Our message to Google’s management is simple: Eat your own dog food.

Google+ Now Lets You Lock Down Posts Before Publishing

One of the distinctive features of Google+ is that it lets you disable comments and lock down posts from sharing, but so far, you were only able to do it after you share a post.

Now, you can do it before you share, which makes much more sense; after all, if you don’t want anyone to comment on or share your post, you probably want it that way from the start.
You can choose the lock and disable options as you hover over the share box of an item you want to share. Check out how it works in the video below.

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New Apple iPod Nano Watch Launched [ PICS ]

The new iPod nano will be easier to use as a watch, Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller revealed at the company’s press event Tuesday.

Users will be able to choose from 16 different clock faces (and yes, one of them is Mickey Mouse).
The iPod nano will also be easy to use as a fitness watch that tracks walks and runs. Users can see the time, pace and distance of their runs, calories burned and the number of steps walked. No additional sensors or devices are needed.
“Right out of the box,” Schiller said, “you can go on a walk or a run, without adding sensors or devices.”
The new iPod nano, which is available in seven colors, will cost $129 for the 8GB version and $149 for the 16GB version. This is slightly less expensive than the previous version, which sold for $149 and $179 respectively.

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