Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cleartrip Coupon Code: Get Rs.1500 cashback on your Hotel booking

ABOUT CLEARTRIP.COM is the travel site that gives you what you need without any annoying fluff. Who needs banners, pop-ups and blinking glitz? Search, book, go. That’s what we’re about - Making travel simple.
We made a list of some of the things we want to be:
  • Simple: Simplicity is a religion at Cleartrip. If we’re not the easiest place to search and book your travel, feel free to give us a piece of your mind.
  • Comprehensive: Part of making travel simple is presenting you with all the options for your trip. We’re working closely with suppliers to add more airlines and hotels to our search.
  • Reliable: Making travel simple implies making a travel site that just works and works. We still have the occasional hiccup, but being there for you, reliably, is very important to us.
  • Responsible: We take responsibility for what we give you. You won’t hear us making excuses for airlines or hotels or availability or prices. If we show you a price, we will honour it, come what may.

  • Hotel Offer
    Book minimum 2 nights stay in any International Hotel or Hotel within India & get
    Rs. 1500 cash back.

How to book & get cash back ?

  1. Book any Hotel for any date of travel.
  2. Simply enter coupon code CTSPICE before payment while booking.
  3. The cashback will be credited to your card/account within 5 working days from date of booking.
  4. Book between 1 October 2011 & 31 December 2011. Dates of Travel are completely open.
  5. You need to book a minimum of 2 Nights stay in a single transaction to avail this offer on Hotels.

Some examples of how this works:

  • Eg 1: If you book 1 room for a 2 night stay, you get Rs.1500 cashback on your booking.
  • Eg 2: If you book 2 rooms for a 2 night stay, you still get Rs.1500 cashback on your booking.
  • Eg 3: If you book 2 rooms for a single night stay, you will NOT get any cashback.

    1. Offer valid on any hotel booked on
    2. To avail of cashback you need to correctly enter coupon code CTSPICE before payment while booking online. If correct coupon code is not entered then you will not receive any cashback. To book on phone, simply call Cleartrip Customer Care on 1860 233 9000 & announce your coupon code.
    3. You can avail the offer only once for Hotels. If you transact more than once you can still book but will not get any cashback on your 2nd Hotel transaction.
    4. The cashback offer is valid per booking. In case you book more than 2 adults/ room night/ room in a single booking, you will still receive cashback on per booking basis only.
    5. In case you cancel the booking (in part or full) the entire cashback availed for the said booking will be deducted from the refund amount.
    6. This offer cannot be clubbed with any other cashback offer on
    7. The product and services offered by Cleartrip Travel Services Private Limited are governed by the terms of use prescribed by Cleartrip on its site and as amended from time to time.

                TO AVAIL
                Book any Hotel
                COUPON CODE


                OFFER VALID TILL

                Sat, 31 Dec

                So what we suggest our readers is that book any ticket and avail this wonderful offer. Best part of this offer is that their is no minimum purchase to buy this offer. All you need is to book for 2 nights stay and a correct coupon code.
                Initially , you have to pay full amount but lately within 5-7 working day you will get Rs 1500 back in your account ( which is your payment method) . If you surf intelligently, you can get hotel booked for free. :-)

                This is a real steal. Guys, STEALIFY IT is all I want to say for now .

                Carrier IQ Poses a threat to your iPhone - Tracking Scandal

                Carrier IQ, a diagnostic tool installed in millions of smartphones all over the world, is gathering a lot of info about your activity – possibly even recording keystrokes, content of SMS messages and more – and sending it to a third party.
                It’s present on nearly all Android devices, but not Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus One, Nexus S, or the Motorola Xoom. It’s also present on iOS devices, but it seems to be active only when the device is in diagnostic mode.
                This is the short version of what is quickly becoming a very complicated story with huge implications for user privacy.
                Carrier IQ is a tool whose primary purpose is recording various info which helps carriers improve the quality of service for their customers.
                In October, researcher Trevor Eckhart discovered that Carrier IQ is recording, among other things, your every keystroke and possibly sending it back to Carrier IQ’s servers. Carrier IQ responded by sending Ekchart acease & desist letter and publishing a media alert, in which it claims the company is “not recording keystrokes or providing tracking tools.”
                Fast forward to this week, when Eckhart posted video evidence (below) suggesting that Carrier IQ is recording keystrokes and reading incoming SMS messages on Android, more precisely on an HTC EVO 3D. Worse, the app cannot be stopped or removed by the user.

                While this doesn’t prove that Carrier IQ is actually sending the data back to Carrier IQ’s servers, it’s definitely disconcerting to see all this done by an app which is completely out of users’ control.
                From currently available info, Carrier IQ is present on most Android, BlackBerry and Symbian devices, but not on Google Nexus devices mentioned above, which is logical since it’s a tool meant to be used by carriers. References of Carrier IQ have also been found in iOS devices, but according to security researcher chpwn, it is disabled by default, and only works when the phone is in diagnostic mode.
                All of this is reminiscent to the iPhone tracking scandal from April 2011, when it was discovered that Apple’siPhone tracks your location history. Steve Jobs then famously said – in an e-mail reply to a question from a customer – that Apple is not tracking its users’ location, but Android is tracking everyone. The authenticity of such e-mails has often been disputed, but whoever sent that message might have been right.
                Many questions are still left unanswered. We don’t know what Carrier IQ does with the data it collects, or whether it sends keystrokes, SMS messages or other info back to Carrier IQ’s servers. We don’t know the nature of the deal between Carrier IQ and – seemingly – most of the world’s carriers, since almost every device which is sold together with a carrier contract has the app installed. We’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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