Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pizza Hut Contest - Share your First Pizza Story and win iPhone, Rs 500 Gift Voucher Plus assured Gift

Pizza Hut India is Celebrating 15 Years in India and introduced 15 new Indian Pizzas. Also they launched a contest in which every participant will get a assured voucher instantly. Their are many other prizes also. So get ready to play this contest and win fabulous prizes. Read on for more details.

About the contest
 You have to Share your first pizza story on their facebook application(check how to play). This is all you need to do for assured gift. But if you want to win other prizes(check what are the prizes below) you have to get your friends like your story. More likes on your story means more chances. Weekly prizes are given to 15 People who have maximum likes every week.
What are the Prizes?
  1. iPhone for most liked story at the end of this contest.
  2. 15 Gift Voucher of Rs 500 for 15 People Every week.
  3. Assured Gift is 15% off Discount Voucher at Pizza Hut which can be instantly Downloaded 
How to play?
  1. Click here to go to contest page and allow application
  2. Click Enter the contest then Click Share your story.
  3. After Sharing your story, Post on your wall
  4. Get Maximum likes if you want to win Rs 500 GV and iPhone
  5. You can download your assured gift coupon instantly after submitting your story.
So guy if you feel like you can win this contest then play it. Best of Luck :-)

Update: If you are lazy enough to play this contest and want that assured gift just check here

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