Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Refer friends and get Britannia NutriChoice Hampers for free

iHealthu.com is a India's first Health Social Network from Britannia NutriChoice which helps people in living a good and healthy life.  iHeatlthu.com is also having refer a friend system where you could get free Britannia Goodies just for referring friends. All you need to do is refer 7 of your friends to claim your first gift in the form of NutriChoice Hampers, after that you can refer 14 friends and getr NutruChoice Goodie Bad and the big fat prize of NutriCHoice Goodie Bad and IHU Merchandise will be given when you refer 52 friends of yours. Truly a very good website if you have a big friend circle.

How to refer friends and get Britannia Gifts Hampers:

  1. Click here to visit iHeathu.com
  2. Click on Get Started button
  3. After that Create an Account by clicking on "Join iHeatlhu" button
  4. After joining you can start referring friends and once you have 7 friends referred, you can claim your first gift

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