Sunday, 15 April 2012

[Live Again]FREE Sample of Nicorette Chewgum from Johnson and Johnson

Here is another Freebie of the day! Earlier we posted so many Johnson and Johnson freebies and we are sure our users enjoyed those freebies alot. Now Johnson and Johnson is back with another amazing Sample giveaway. This time they are giving Nicorette Chewgum.

What is Nicoretter Chewgum?
Nicorette Chewgum is use to for those who are tobacco addict and this chewgum is used to quit smoking. Nicorette is not just a chewing gum, but a complete infrastructure and support system that can help smokers quit the habit and lead a healthier life.

How to get Free Samples?
  1. Click here to visit Facebook Page of Nicorette
  2. Like the page and Select the sampling tab from the right menu
  3. Fill up the free sample form and order your freebie :)
If you are a tobacco user(or some one in your family) and you want to quit smoking / tobacco then get a free sample of Nicorette.
Please share this with your friends whom you think need this. Tag them in comments below :-)

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