Friday, 24 February 2012

Mitashi DVD Player With USB for Rs 799

How much for a branded DVD Player with USB? Anything below Rs 1000 sounds fair deal for a DVD player but here you can get Mitashi DVD Player with USB for just Rs 799. It is compataible with almost all basic formats and have a USB plug in option but this deal is only for ICICI Bank customers as the coupon code which we will apply is only for ICICI customers. If you are not a ICICI Customer still you can buy for Rs 999.
How to buy Mitashi DVD Player with USB for Rs 799?
  1. Click here to go to Product page
  2. Use coupon code: ICICI (get Rs 200 off)
  3. Pay Rs 799 and check out.
This deal is only for ICICI Customers, rest can still buy this for Rs 999.

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