Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Stealify Rs 1300 Recharge Giveaway Contest Result Declared

We have posted a contest for our readers " Stealify Recharge Giveaway - Recharge worth Rs 1300" . As the contest is now over we are very excited to reveal the names of 36 Lucky winners but before that we want to thanks all of you for participating and making this contest HIT! We have got overwhelming response! You guys motivated us to start a new contest very soon! Below is the list of winners:

Winner of Recharge worth Rs 500 : 
  1. Sunny Jaglan
5 Winners of Recharge worth Rs 100 each are :
  1. Meghna Sharma
  2. Nikhil Patel
  3. Gaurav Mittal
  4. Manav Ahuja
  5. Manish Chugh
30 Winners of Recharge worth Rs 10 each are:
  1. Ankit Bhatnagar
  2. Ankit Gupta
  3. Ankit jaglan
  4. Devika Gupta
  5. Milan
  6. Amisha Gupta
  7. Falguni Trivedi
  8. Gaurav Chugh
  9. Ijaz Ahamed
  10. Kautilya Sharma
  11. Kulwant MDA
  12. Akshay Gautam
  13. Milind Shah
  14. Nikhil Dubey 
  15. Prakash Veer
  16. Puja Aggarwal
  17. Ricky Garg
  18. Rohan Bajaj
  19. Sajal Maheshwari
  20. Monica Sharma 
  21. Shashank Vyas
  22. Sneha Arora
  23. Sudipta Basak
  24. Nikita Bansal
  25. Tanishq Pruthi
  26. Tashvi Singh
  27. Umesh Goyal
  28. Uttam Tripathi
  29. Vijay Ezhunnamannil
  30. Yatin Chawla
We once again congratulate all the winners for winning this contest! For those who are not winner this time, we have a series of contest lined up for you( if you have any contest idea, Please share with use in comments).

Note for all winners:
All the winners are requested to fill this form before 3rd Feb 09:00 PM . Click here to fill this form and redeem your recharge.

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