Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Google Android Premium App Sale - Get android apps at Rs 24

As we all know by now that Google’s Android Marketplace is called Google play, through which one can buy movies, music and book, besides the vast selection of apps that already exist. To kick things off and to get more people to hooked onto Google play, Google is having a “7 Days to Play” sale across apps. We’re not sure if the apps will change everyday, but today, we have a pretty good selection of games and apps, at throwaway prices. Everything is just for Rs.24, so if you were waiting pick up an app or game, now’s your chance.
How to get Google Android Premium apps at Rs 24?
  1. Click here to go to Android Market
  2. Select your app
  3. Pay Rs 24
Its a 7 days sale in which all the apps will be of Rs 24. We’re not sure if the apps will change everyday but its a great deal for sure.

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