Friday, 2 March 2012

[Price Reduced] Holi Special: Magical Color Blending T-Shirt worth Rs 499 for 109 - Inkfruit

Update: Price is reduced from Rs 199 to Rs 109 
Flaunt this Magical Tee on Holi. Celebrate a safe Holi this year with Inkfruit’s colour bleeding tee. Splash some water and watch the colours come alive. This T-Shirt will change color when you put some water on it. This is a unique products and you can use this on holi to impress your friends. You can get this tee worth Rs 499 for just Rs 199 109
How to get this magical color blending tee worth Rs 499 for Rs 199 109?
  1. Go to to get the Rs 100 Coupon of
  2. Go to Inkfruit's Holi Special T-Shirt Page
  3. Buy now for Rs 199 99
  4. Final Cost: Rs99+ Rs 10 (Coupon)
Please Note before you buy: 
  • This magical tee is for one time use and will not return to its original design. 
  • Please do not wash this tee before you use it. 
  • Cautions not to mix this tee with other clothes while washing.

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