Monday, 27 October 2014

Download Flipcall Android App and get Free Rs. 61/- to call local or International

Download Flipcall Android App and get free Rs. 61/- to call unlimited times on a local or International Number.

How to get the deal:

  1. Click Here to go to the Flipcall page
  2. Or Directly download the Flipcall app
  3. Sign up using your mobile number (No OTP Required)
  4. You will get Rs. 61 i.e. 1 $
  5. Make a call and it will be disconnected automatically.
  6. In a time frame of less than 10 seconds, you will receive a call and get connected to the call you wanted to make. 
  7. If you make a call in India, you can enjoy 120 Min of free calling.
  8. When your flipcall balance reaches to 0, simply go to settings>app manage>flipcall and clear the data
  9. Again sign up with new details and enjoy free calling.
  10. It works without a Wifi connection or a 3G Network.
Calling rate as the loop hole will be discovered soon and you need to top up to the call.
  • Make local/ STD calls in India for Rs. 0.50/min
  • Call US for Rs. 1.69/min
  • Call Mexico for Rs. 1.69/min
  • Call UK for Rs.1.69/min
  • Call Germany for rs. 1.69/min
  • Call Italy for Rs. 1.69/min
  • Call Spain for Rs. 4.33/min

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