Monday, 6 March 2017

PMR : Hold My Hand (English, Paperback, Durjoy Datta) at Rs 40

Here is a offer from Flipkart for all the book lovers. Buy PMR: Hold my Hand (Paperback)  by Durjoy Datta at just Rs. 40 from

How to steal the deal :
2. Enter shipping details
3. Buy the product. 

About the book :

Deep is a nerd, too immersed in books and academic pursuits to have much fun. Now, even his work has him associated with libraries. His company, ATS Technologies, sends him to their head office in Hong Kong to study their library software.
Deep is filled with excitement at the prospect and lands in Hong Kong with a lot of dreams. Soob, one more character, is added when he meets the stunningly beautiful Ahana. Shy and awkward by nature, Deep is strangely drawn towards Ahana, who is blind.
Hold My Hand follows the pair as they learn about each other and also explore Hong Kong. Ahana introduces him to the various smells and sounds of the city, while Deep shares with her his visual experience. Their bond grows closer with their shared experiences.
Both have their own problems to deal with. If Ahana has her blindness, Deep has some insecurities about himself. But their affection seems all set to deepen into something else, when Ahana’s ex-boyfriend reappears and the picture becomes murky.
Hold My Hand has a lot of supporting characters who also contribute towards the plot and keep it moving forward. Deep’s very caring parents, his friend Aman who is a complete contrast to him, all set the stage in the initial part of the book.
The readers are kept guessing as to how the romance between Deep and Ahana is going to end.

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